About us

Aksel Golf (pronounced ack-sel) came to life in 2020. We have been inspired over the past few years, on how the golf world is evolving into a cool environment, with more people taking up the sport. We wanted to be a part of the evolution, using our creativity and passion for the game to add some value to the industry.

The brand was created when we realised that 80% of a golf club is made up of the shaft. That’s the majority of our most loved possession that is not protected. For years now we have protected our club heads and changed our grips on our clubs, so why not our shafts?
We needed something that was essentially like a phone screen protector - something lightweight, flexible that we could easily apply to our shafts, which would protect our equipment and also enhance the resale value of the club. Through months of testing, we finally found a specific vinyl that worked perfectly, and was easy to apply.

Although we love our first product line and won't forget where we started, we don’t want our range to stop at shaft protection. We want to be a part of the ever-growing golf industry and add more value to golfers worldwide by releasing other golf products, accessories and clothing lines under the Aksel Golf Brand.

About the product

Have you spent hundreds on your clubs? Only to see that after a month of use, the paintwork on your shafts isn’t looking as it fresh as it did when you first bought them? It’s probably caused by bag damage from your clubs clattering about during your round or chucking them in your car after you shot 12 over your handicap. And let’s face it, you don’t want to be the laughing stock in the bar for using iron covers. (if you use iron covers, we hate to break it to you this way). 

So at Aksel Golf, we understand that style shouldn’t have to compromise performance. When developing our products we wanted to create something that looked amazing, had no effect on shaft performance, and was easy to apply. Luckily, for you, Aksel Premium Shaft wraps are all three. 

Our wraps are made from a dual cast vinyl, which is only 90 microns thick (0.09 of a mm), and each wrap weighs approximately 0.00328kg/, meaning you won’t even know it’s there when swinging your club. The vinyl is also flexible, and will give with the flex in your shaft. 

Aksel Wraps also benefit from non visible air release channels to give fast, easy and bubble free installation. The adhesive used also allows for the wrap to be repositioned on the shaft easily until full pressure is applied, meaning that there’s no need for tantrums before you even tee off.