Application Guideline

Our wraps perform best on clean, dry clubs.

  1. Clean and prepare the surface area of your club shaft with a damp cloth and towel dry.
  2. Position your Aksel Wrap alongside your club. We recommend doing this on a clean, flat surface. Lay the thinner end of the wrap at the hosel end. The wrap wants to pass the bottom of your grip by about 20mm. Make a mark on the backing paper at the correct length. 
  3. Roll up your grip far enough to allow the wrap to sit under it.
  4. It’s time to make the cut. With a pair of scissors, cut your wrap to the marked length. Remove the backing from the thin end and place wrap square to the ferrule (that’s the fancy word for the between your hosel and shaft).
  5. Ensuring the wrap is straight, slowly peel off the backing paper and centre the wrap along the shaft with light pressure. 
  6. Whilst rotating the club slowly, focus on one edge of the wrap. In an up and down motion, slowly stick the wrap to the shaft. Repeat on the other edge until wrap is smooth and fully stuck. 
  7. Roll down your grip back down.

Get swinging.